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  2. Features of the facility

Features of the facility

POINT 1. Japanese modern finish interior design

  • Front desk
    We welcome you in a modern Japanese space where the linen-patterned Kumiko is impressive.
  • EV Hall
    A gorgeous flower arrangement brings you to the facility.
    There is also a passionate flower arrangement on the bedroom floor.Please appreciate it.
  • Men's public bath
    You can relax your body in the spacious public bath.
    We offer charcoal shampoo, charcoal conditioner, charcoal body soap in the large bath where you can expect dirt adsorption, sterilization, and deodorant effects.
  • Japanese garden
    The passage leading to the lounge on the 5th floor has a beautiful Japanese garden that creates a relaxing space.

POINT 2. Accommodation environment for women

  • A spacious powder room
    A luxurious powder room that pursues comfort for humanity.
    We also offer personal amenities such as hair dryer, curling iron, makeup remover, face wash, all-in-one gel, and hair care products.
  • Hair Salon Hair Dryer & Curling Iron
    You can use the hair dryer carefully selected by the female staff, which is also incorporated in the salon.
  • Large Communal Bath
    We have private showers and amenities in the large public bath.
    The women's floor is also equipped with a completely private shower room.
  • High quality oil shampoo & conditioner
    We provide GemiD domestic cosmetic brand from Japan.
    Please try a non-silicone amino acid oil shampoo blended with 12 kinds of vegetable oil such as jojoba oil as a cleaning ingredient, an oil conditioner that gives a glossy and moisturizing effect with camellia oil, and a body soap that contains plenty of moisturizing ingredients. ..
  • Large capacity personal lockers(Guests staying in capsule type)
    A suitcase of carry-on size can be stored.
    Since there is no step, you can smoothly put in and out.
    A long coat can also be stored.
  • fitting room
    We have a private fitting room in the locker room.
  • Lighting that creates a relaxing space
    You can spend a refreshing morning and relax at night.
  • Floor security for women
    It is divided into a women's floor on the 2nd floor and a men's floor on the 3rd to 4th floors, so you can use it with confidence.

POINT 3. Men and women relaxing lounge

  • Comfortable for friends and couples
    A lounge with a smoking space.
    There is a 24-hour supermarket and convenience store nearby, and you can bring your own food and drinks.
  • Free Wi-Fi & outlet
    You can use your PC or smartphone while charging.
  • Free drink of green tea and coffee
    We have free drink machines and vending machines for snacks, alcohol, and soft drinks.
  • 600 popular comics in TV dramas and anime
    We regularly replace comics that are popular in TV dramas, anime, and movies, and we also have the latest publications.

POINT 4. Convenient as a base for business and sightseeing, easy to move from the airport

  • JR Namba Station
    【Kansai International Airport】
    Kansai Airport Rapid Service (about 58 minutes) → JR “Namba” Station.From the south exit, you will see the hotel on your right front.
  • OCAT【Osaka City Air Terminal】
    【Itami Airport】
    ・Airport limousine bus (about 35 minutes) → "JR Namba Station (OCAT)"
    【Kansai International Airport】
    ・Airport limousine bus (about 48 minutes) → "JR Namba Station (OCAT)"

    About a 4-minute walk from the west (front) exit of the OCAT Bus Terminal