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Room information

Accommodation areas on separate floors for men and women are available, making it safe for women to use

The property offers a choice of either Deluxe Cabin or Moderate Cabin.

  • Deluxe cabin

    This room can be used for 4 capsule beds.
    The bed is a little wider single bed.The entrance is closed by a roll screen.
    There are key lockers and a desk in the room.At the top of the desk, there is a USB jack and an outlet.
    *Please note that the upper part of the room is not closed due to the specifications of fire prevention smoke.
    1 person
    Approximately 5㎡
    Guest room equipment/supplies
    24-inch LCD TV/Single Bed/Desk & Chair/Free Wi-Fi / Outlet & USB / Locker with key
  • Moderate cabin

    There is a USB jack, an outlet, lighting with dimming function, a simple ventilation fan, and an alarm.
    The roll screen has excellent light-shielding properties.It is a compact room with functions that allow you to spend your time comfortably and at a reasonable price.
    Bathroom and toilet are shared.
    *Charges vary depending on the upper / lower tier and with / without TV.
    1 person
    Approximately 2㎡
    Guest room equipment/supplies
    Side table/Hanger hook/Night panel/Hand light/Outlet & USB / accessory case/Free Wi-Fi
    *24-inch LCD TV(Some rooms do not have a TV depending on the room type)
  • Amenities

    Indoor wear / bath towel / Face towel / toothbrush / shampoo rinse / Body Soap / Face wash / Lotion / Emulsion / Mouthwash / Shaving cream / Razor / brush / rubber band / Swab / cotton / Earplug / Hairdressing fee / Hair oil / Hairdryer/ hair iron
  • Rental listing

    Selectable pillows (memory foam pillows / buckwheat husk pillows) / blankets / lap blankets / irons / ironing boards / weight scales / extension cords / USB charging cables / step-up transformers (AC220 to 240V overseas electrical products available in Japan Can be used) / Humidifier / Clip-type fan / Luggage scale